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Alternating vision contacts - Segmented contact lens designs for presbyopia correction

Alternating vision contacts, or segmented contact lenses are very much like traditional bifocal glasses. The lower portion of the contact lens provides the near power while the upper portion has the distance power.  Since we tend to look down as we view things that are near, the contact lens must be able to move into the correct  position in order to work properly.

There are different design features which help to position the alternating vision contact lens on the eye. The lens may have a flat bottom edge to allow the lower eyelid to assist in positioning the lens or it may be weighted on the bottom to prevent rotation.

Because the contact lens position is critical, the fitting process may require several visits to a practitioner to achieve the proper fit. Currently, alternating vision contacts are available in rigid gas permeable materials only.

Alternating vision contact lenses (or segmented contact lenses) are prescribed to people with presbyopia. The common condition where you need one pair of glasses (or prescription) for distance and another for objects close up (such as reading materials). This condition happens to many of us as we get older, often around the age of 40. Bifocal contacts (or multifocal contacts) are designed to give good vision to people with presbyopia.

Other bifocal contact lens designs and prescriptions for the correction of presbyopia include:

  • Concentric design bifocal contacts
  • Simultaneous vision contacts and
  • Monovision

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